Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Uki Noah

Twitter : @uki_kautsar05
His B'day :
October 5

He places want to see :
Heaven ..........

His inspiration :
God and the Prophets .

Things He hate most :
I hate Waiting .

His all time fav song :

This is little Story about Uki :

Born in London with full name Mohammad Hikmat Kauthar , joined peterpan because since junior high , Uki very happy playing music . Ngefans very same brothers Liam and Noel Ghallager of the band Oasis , Uki already have aspirations of small to become a superstar. In the 17 th birthday , a guy who is also good at this picture can present his first electric guitar . With Ariel , Andika and Indra he formed a band hat in 1997, which was the forerunner peterpan .

There was a bad experience that Uki remember if dealing with fans , whom she really remember how there was a fan hanging out all day in front of his house . But for fans were breathing peterpan Uki , ​​no matter how busy he was going to spend some time with the fans , as long as they do not ask for that stuff. If asked what is the obsession with the future ? . The answer : play the music continues and could go International ! .

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