Senin, 02 Juni 2014

NOAH BAND officially

NOAH officially established through a press conference that was held in Jakarta , precisely at Musica Studios on August 2, 2012 . NOAH consists of five members , namely Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David . NOAH is defined as long life , giver of tranquility .

Previously Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman Reza and using the name Peterpan with two former members are Andika and Indra . According to the agreement with the two previous members , then Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman and Reza no longer use the name Peterpan after the album A Name A Story .

The first album to be released using the name of the album As NOAH is supposed that contains 10 tracks with a single first half I were so video was released on Youtube has managed a total audience of approximately 2 million viewers within 4 weeks .

NOAH officially appoint David as personnel remain NOAH in this album NOAH add color to the music .

Launching the album As should be held in an unusual way is to hold a concert in 5 countries within 24 Hours . The countries selected were Australia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia .

Previous NOAH also issued a book entitled Notes 2010-2012 Other Stories . Other Acts gain tremendous public response proved to be a best seller in Gramedia bookstores in various cities in Indonesia .

As the quote in the book of Acts of Others , " We will continue the journey . " . This is the beginning of the journey Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David with a new name is NOAH .

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