Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Lukman Noah

Twitter : @Luck_man2
His B'day :
December 30

He places want to see :
America , Australia , London and Mecca

His inspiration :
Joe Satriani

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , dicueking , dikacangin .

His all time fav song :
Into the sun by Lifehouse

This is little Story about Loek :

Loekman Judge , who was born in Cianjur on December 30, was once a hobby has to play ball . Every day Loek definitely play ball on the field with my friend's apartment . After graduating high school , Loek starting to like playing music and musical instruments that are interested in the guitar . Of passage gitarnyalah peterpan music has a unique color and interesting music . Meeting with peterpan occurred in 2000 , when the band is looking for a design Andie additional guitarist Uki to the biting .

Loek reason to join with peterpan that time because Loek already know in advance Ariel and see no bright spot with peterpan . Loek this very often muted by his fans in the good fortune to be in action again on stage . But Loek casually and confidently assured if being yourself on stage will be better results and enjoy carefree.

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