Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Ariel Noah

twitter : @R_besar
His B'day :
September 16

He places want to see :
Coloseum ( Rome ) , Stoneage ( UK ) , Reliant Park ( Mesopotamia )

His inspiration :
Kurt Cobain

Things He hate most :
Rats ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His all time fav song :
Free To Decide by The Cranberries

This is little Story about Ariel :

Nazril Irham Born as at Pangkalan Brandan , 16 September 1981 from 3 brothers . The third child who was once a sport hobby really aspire to want to be an architect . Before peterpan become a " phenomenon " band , Ariel is still listed as a student majoring in Architecture at the University Parahiyangan , Bandung .

Ariel who really like this draw is good at playing the guitar and has often make songs since junior high . But he was new in the high school began seriously writing songs , the first song that he wrote it in high school titled "Waiting " that are on the album Tim Christensen , Compound ( Presented collaboration peterpan and Tim Christensen ) . At Andika , invited him to join the band , Ariel agrees and may indeed have been destiny , finally left and now schools in concentration playing music with peterpan .

There have been many experiences during join Ariel peterpan , according heck assyik and more delicious than the poor . Although dense schedule has become a day -to-day , Ariel regret not being part of the peterpan . There are a couple of the worst experiences with peterpan , one of which is in the claws in his memory by the fans until they bled .

Ariel daily if not there is a schedule with peterpan he spend at home with his family and still teteup likes to play games . During the break in June - July last , really like the guy who read the books by Kahlil Ghibran the follow- hassle beresin base camp peterpan new. In addition to participating choosing paint colors and redesign its base camp , Ariel also designed some of the furniture that was in base camp . New base camp was now neat and if there is spare time , Ariel continues to spruce the place to hang out peterpan it .

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