Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

David Noah

Twitter : @DorvelDave
His B'day :
July 11, 1981

He places want to see :
Rome , Syberia

His inspiration :
David Foster , Carparknorth

Things He hate most :
Lies, betrayal

His all time fav song :
Kiss Me - Carparknorth

This is little Story about David :

David was introduced to music by his father when kindergarten . Start stepping stool elementary school David began studying classical piano formally. Various classical music festival also had his follow up to his junior .

Treading high school , David started a band interested in playing with friends at SMAN 2 Bandung . Because it has the foundation of classical piano , David began exploring musical styles adapted to modern music played in the band .

Starting from where he is keen to further explore the world of professional music , David also had helped the process of recording some country musicians as a session player .

David began to join in Peterpan as an additional player in late 2006 , and in 2008 David was officially appointed as permanent personnel Peterpan .

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