Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

David Noah

Twitter : @DorvelDave
His B'day :
July 11, 1981

He places want to see :
Rome , Syberia

His inspiration :
David Foster , Carparknorth

Things He hate most :
Lies, betrayal

His all time fav song :
Kiss Me - Carparknorth

This is little Story about David :

David was introduced to music by his father when kindergarten . Start stepping stool elementary school David began studying classical piano formally. Various classical music festival also had his follow up to his junior .

Treading high school , David started a band interested in playing with friends at SMAN 2 Bandung . Because it has the foundation of classical piano , David began exploring musical styles adapted to modern music played in the band .

Starting from where he is keen to further explore the world of professional music , David also had helped the process of recording some country musicians as a session player .

David began to join in Peterpan as an additional player in late 2006 , and in 2008 David was officially appointed as permanent personnel Peterpan .

Reza Noah

Twitter : @mqeet
His B'day :
11 March

He places want to see :
All America (mostly Hawaii ) .

His inspiration :
Simon Philip , The Ataris , Jimmy Eat World

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , waiting and jealousy .

His all time fav song :
The Ataris : In this Diary .

This is little Story about Reza :

Born in Poso , March 11, 1977 , Ryan Reza Ilsyah just leave his hometown to London to go to college first . But that musical interest in starting a high school class , with her ​​high school friends form a band Crue 21 , and bring all the songs Godbless . Reza true vegetarians who feel fortunate to be joined by peterpan .

Prior to peterpan , Reza joined several bands on campus . 4 Among these Black Forest until 2001 , the same year also join with peterpan Reza gantiin position to Ari ( drummer ) who resigned . Although still had an appointment to complete the course for the sake of her parents , Reza feel happy to be growing rapidly in peterpan . The biggest reason to join with peterpan Reza also in because he saw the potential of existing in two of the band 's friends .

Uki Noah

Twitter : @uki_kautsar05
His B'day :
October 5

He places want to see :
Heaven ..........

His inspiration :
God and the Prophets .

Things He hate most :
I hate Waiting .

His all time fav song :

This is little Story about Uki :

Born in London with full name Mohammad Hikmat Kauthar , joined peterpan because since junior high , Uki very happy playing music . Ngefans very same brothers Liam and Noel Ghallager of the band Oasis , Uki already have aspirations of small to become a superstar. In the 17 th birthday , a guy who is also good at this picture can present his first electric guitar . With Ariel , Andika and Indra he formed a band hat in 1997, which was the forerunner peterpan .

There was a bad experience that Uki remember if dealing with fans , whom she really remember how there was a fan hanging out all day in front of his house . But for fans were breathing peterpan Uki , ​​no matter how busy he was going to spend some time with the fans , as long as they do not ask for that stuff. If asked what is the obsession with the future ? . The answer : play the music continues and could go International ! .

Lukman Noah

Twitter : @Luck_man2
His B'day :
December 30

He places want to see :
America , Australia , London and Mecca

His inspiration :
Joe Satriani

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , dicueking , dikacangin .

His all time fav song :
Into the sun by Lifehouse

This is little Story about Loek :

Loekman Judge , who was born in Cianjur on December 30, was once a hobby has to play ball . Every day Loek definitely play ball on the field with my friend's apartment . After graduating high school , Loek starting to like playing music and musical instruments that are interested in the guitar . Of passage gitarnyalah peterpan music has a unique color and interesting music . Meeting with peterpan occurred in 2000 , when the band is looking for a design Andie additional guitarist Uki to the biting .

Loek reason to join with peterpan that time because Loek already know in advance Ariel and see no bright spot with peterpan . Loek this very often muted by his fans in the good fortune to be in action again on stage . But Loek casually and confidently assured if being yourself on stage will be better results and enjoy carefree.

Ariel Noah

twitter : @R_besar
His B'day :
September 16

He places want to see :
Coloseum ( Rome ) , Stoneage ( UK ) , Reliant Park ( Mesopotamia )

His inspiration :
Kurt Cobain

Things He hate most :
Rats ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His all time fav song :
Free To Decide by The Cranberries

This is little Story about Ariel :

Nazril Irham Born as at Pangkalan Brandan , 16 September 1981 from 3 brothers . The third child who was once a sport hobby really aspire to want to be an architect . Before peterpan become a " phenomenon " band , Ariel is still listed as a student majoring in Architecture at the University Parahiyangan , Bandung .

Ariel who really like this draw is good at playing the guitar and has often make songs since junior high . But he was new in the high school began seriously writing songs , the first song that he wrote it in high school titled "Waiting " that are on the album Tim Christensen , Compound ( Presented collaboration peterpan and Tim Christensen ) . At Andika , invited him to join the band , Ariel agrees and may indeed have been destiny , finally left and now schools in concentration playing music with peterpan .

There have been many experiences during join Ariel peterpan , according heck assyik and more delicious than the poor . Although dense schedule has become a day -to-day , Ariel regret not being part of the peterpan . There are a couple of the worst experiences with peterpan , one of which is in the claws in his memory by the fans until they bled .

Ariel daily if not there is a schedule with peterpan he spend at home with his family and still teteup likes to play games . During the break in June - July last , really like the guy who read the books by Kahlil Ghibran the follow- hassle beresin base camp peterpan new. In addition to participating choosing paint colors and redesign its base camp , Ariel also designed some of the furniture that was in base camp . New base camp was now neat and if there is spare time , Ariel continues to spruce the place to hang out peterpan it .

Senin, 02 Juni 2014

NOAH BAND officially

NOAH officially established through a press conference that was held in Jakarta , precisely at Musica Studios on August 2, 2012 . NOAH consists of five members , namely Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David . NOAH is defined as long life , giver of tranquility .

Previously Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman Reza and using the name Peterpan with two former members are Andika and Indra . According to the agreement with the two previous members , then Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman and Reza no longer use the name Peterpan after the album A Name A Story .

The first album to be released using the name of the album As NOAH is supposed that contains 10 tracks with a single first half I were so video was released on Youtube has managed a total audience of approximately 2 million viewers within 4 weeks .

NOAH officially appoint David as personnel remain NOAH in this album NOAH add color to the music .

Launching the album As should be held in an unusual way is to hold a concert in 5 countries within 24 Hours . The countries selected were Australia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia .

Previous NOAH also issued a book entitled Notes 2010-2012 Other Stories . Other Acts gain tremendous public response proved to be a best seller in Gramedia bookstores in various cities in Indonesia .

As the quote in the book of Acts of Others , " We will continue the journey . " . This is the beginning of the journey Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David with a new name is NOAH .