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Student Orientation in Indonesia

Rules for Committee 
1. Committee are obligated to timely appropriate agreed time. 
2. Wearing uniforms that have been agreed 
3. Prohibited courtship 
4. Not allowed to use cell phones when providing guidance to participants 

    Regulations for Participants

1. Required to arrive on time at the time determined by the committee at 05:30 pm 
2. Required behave well towards the teachers, organizers, among the participants, as well as all citizens of         the other schools. 
3 Required implement Smiles, greetings, Sapa to Master or Committee 
4. compulsory wearing of school uniform is polite and in accordance with school rules and regulations. 
5. Required attributes MOS brought pursuant to the provisions of the boundaries between the committee           started. 
6. Not allowed to leave without permission MOS event organizers. 
7. Not allowed to wear excessive accessories. 
8. Not allowed to have long nails or use nail polish. 
9. Not allowed to dye your hair. 
10. Prohibited littering and destroying school. 
11. littering prohibited. 
12. Prohibited make a fuss. 
13. Prohibited dating. 
14. illegal to take: 
      a. excessive money 
      b. Objects - precious objects 
      c. card game 
      d. cigarette 
      e. Narcotics and dangerous drugs 
      f. Weapons and dangerous objects 
      g. Media and violent pornography. 
15. Not advisable to bring a communication tool, in the event of loss is the responsibility of each participant. 
16. The All forms of loss that is not caused by the committee is the responsibility of each participant and the         relevant committee to urge participants not to bring personal communication tool.

Most of the Student Orientations in indonesia

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David Noah

Twitter : @DorvelDave
His B'day :
July 11, 1981

He places want to see :
Rome , Syberia

His inspiration :
David Foster , Carparknorth

Things He hate most :
Lies, betrayal

His all time fav song :
Kiss Me - Carparknorth

This is little Story about David :

David was introduced to music by his father when kindergarten . Start stepping stool elementary school David began studying classical piano formally. Various classical music festival also had his follow up to his junior .

Treading high school , David started a band interested in playing with friends at SMAN 2 Bandung . Because it has the foundation of classical piano , David began exploring musical styles adapted to modern music played in the band .

Starting from where he is keen to further explore the world of professional music , David also had helped the process of recording some country musicians as a session player .

David began to join in Peterpan as an additional player in late 2006 , and in 2008 David was officially appointed as permanent personnel Peterpan .

Reza Noah

Twitter : @mqeet
His B'day :
11 March

He places want to see :
All America (mostly Hawaii ) .

His inspiration :
Simon Philip , The Ataris , Jimmy Eat World

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , waiting and jealousy .

His all time fav song :
The Ataris : In this Diary .

This is little Story about Reza :

Born in Poso , March 11, 1977 , Ryan Reza Ilsyah just leave his hometown to London to go to college first . But that musical interest in starting a high school class , with her ​​high school friends form a band Crue 21 , and bring all the songs Godbless . Reza true vegetarians who feel fortunate to be joined by peterpan .

Prior to peterpan , Reza joined several bands on campus . 4 Among these Black Forest until 2001 , the same year also join with peterpan Reza gantiin position to Ari ( drummer ) who resigned . Although still had an appointment to complete the course for the sake of her parents , Reza feel happy to be growing rapidly in peterpan . The biggest reason to join with peterpan Reza also in because he saw the potential of existing in two of the band 's friends .

Uki Noah

Twitter : @uki_kautsar05
His B'day :
October 5

He places want to see :
Heaven ..........

His inspiration :
God and the Prophets .

Things He hate most :
I hate Waiting .

His all time fav song :

This is little Story about Uki :

Born in London with full name Mohammad Hikmat Kauthar , joined peterpan because since junior high , Uki very happy playing music . Ngefans very same brothers Liam and Noel Ghallager of the band Oasis , Uki already have aspirations of small to become a superstar. In the 17 th birthday , a guy who is also good at this picture can present his first electric guitar . With Ariel , Andika and Indra he formed a band hat in 1997, which was the forerunner peterpan .

There was a bad experience that Uki remember if dealing with fans , whom she really remember how there was a fan hanging out all day in front of his house . But for fans were breathing peterpan Uki , ​​no matter how busy he was going to spend some time with the fans , as long as they do not ask for that stuff. If asked what is the obsession with the future ? . The answer : play the music continues and could go International ! .

Lukman Noah

Twitter : @Luck_man2
His B'day :
December 30

He places want to see :
America , Australia , London and Mecca

His inspiration :
Joe Satriani

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , dicueking , dikacangin .

His all time fav song :
Into the sun by Lifehouse

This is little Story about Loek :

Loekman Judge , who was born in Cianjur on December 30, was once a hobby has to play ball . Every day Loek definitely play ball on the field with my friend's apartment . After graduating high school , Loek starting to like playing music and musical instruments that are interested in the guitar . Of passage gitarnyalah peterpan music has a unique color and interesting music . Meeting with peterpan occurred in 2000 , when the band is looking for a design Andie additional guitarist Uki to the biting .

Loek reason to join with peterpan that time because Loek already know in advance Ariel and see no bright spot with peterpan . Loek this very often muted by his fans in the good fortune to be in action again on stage . But Loek casually and confidently assured if being yourself on stage will be better results and enjoy carefree.

Ariel Noah

twitter : @R_besar
His B'day :
September 16

He places want to see :
Coloseum ( Rome ) , Stoneage ( UK ) , Reliant Park ( Mesopotamia )

His inspiration :
Kurt Cobain

Things He hate most :
Rats ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His all time fav song :
Free To Decide by The Cranberries

This is little Story about Ariel :

Nazril Irham Born as at Pangkalan Brandan , 16 September 1981 from 3 brothers . The third child who was once a sport hobby really aspire to want to be an architect . Before peterpan become a " phenomenon " band , Ariel is still listed as a student majoring in Architecture at the University Parahiyangan , Bandung .

Ariel who really like this draw is good at playing the guitar and has often make songs since junior high . But he was new in the high school began seriously writing songs , the first song that he wrote it in high school titled "Waiting " that are on the album Tim Christensen , Compound ( Presented collaboration peterpan and Tim Christensen ) . At Andika , invited him to join the band , Ariel agrees and may indeed have been destiny , finally left and now schools in concentration playing music with peterpan .

There have been many experiences during join Ariel peterpan , according heck assyik and more delicious than the poor . Although dense schedule has become a day -to-day , Ariel regret not being part of the peterpan . There are a couple of the worst experiences with peterpan , one of which is in the claws in his memory by the fans until they bled .

Ariel daily if not there is a schedule with peterpan he spend at home with his family and still teteup likes to play games . During the break in June - July last , really like the guy who read the books by Kahlil Ghibran the follow- hassle beresin base camp peterpan new. In addition to participating choosing paint colors and redesign its base camp , Ariel also designed some of the furniture that was in base camp . New base camp was now neat and if there is spare time , Ariel continues to spruce the place to hang out peterpan it .

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NOAH BAND officially

NOAH officially established through a press conference that was held in Jakarta , precisely at Musica Studios on August 2, 2012 . NOAH consists of five members , namely Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David . NOAH is defined as long life , giver of tranquility .

Previously Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman Reza and using the name Peterpan with two former members are Andika and Indra . According to the agreement with the two previous members , then Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman and Reza no longer use the name Peterpan after the album A Name A Story .

The first album to be released using the name of the album As NOAH is supposed that contains 10 tracks with a single first half I were so video was released on Youtube has managed a total audience of approximately 2 million viewers within 4 weeks .

NOAH officially appoint David as personnel remain NOAH in this album NOAH add color to the music .

Launching the album As should be held in an unusual way is to hold a concert in 5 countries within 24 Hours . The countries selected were Australia , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia .

Previous NOAH also issued a book entitled Notes 2010-2012 Other Stories . Other Acts gain tremendous public response proved to be a best seller in Gramedia bookstores in various cities in Indonesia .

As the quote in the book of Acts of Others , " We will continue the journey . " . This is the beginning of the journey Ariel , Uki , ​​Lukman , Reza and David with a new name is NOAH .