Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Reza Noah

Twitter : @mqeet
His B'day :
11 March

He places want to see :
All America (mostly Hawaii ) .

His inspiration :
Simon Philip , The Ataris , Jimmy Eat World

Things He hate most :
Dibohongin , waiting and jealousy .

His all time fav song :
The Ataris : In this Diary .

This is little Story about Reza :

Born in Poso , March 11, 1977 , Ryan Reza Ilsyah just leave his hometown to London to go to college first . But that musical interest in starting a high school class , with her ​​high school friends form a band Crue 21 , and bring all the songs Godbless . Reza true vegetarians who feel fortunate to be joined by peterpan .

Prior to peterpan , Reza joined several bands on campus . 4 Among these Black Forest until 2001 , the same year also join with peterpan Reza gantiin position to Ari ( drummer ) who resigned . Although still had an appointment to complete the course for the sake of her parents , Reza feel happy to be growing rapidly in peterpan . The biggest reason to join with peterpan Reza also in because he saw the potential of existing in two of the band 's friends .

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