Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Student Orientation in Indonesia

Rules for Committee 
1. Committee are obligated to timely appropriate agreed time. 
2. Wearing uniforms that have been agreed 
3. Prohibited courtship 
4. Not allowed to use cell phones when providing guidance to participants 

    Regulations for Participants

1. Required to arrive on time at the time determined by the committee at 05:30 pm 
2. Required behave well towards the teachers, organizers, among the participants, as well as all citizens of         the other schools. 
3 Required implement Smiles, greetings, Sapa to Master or Committee 
4. compulsory wearing of school uniform is polite and in accordance with school rules and regulations. 
5. Required attributes MOS brought pursuant to the provisions of the boundaries between the committee           started. 
6. Not allowed to leave without permission MOS event organizers. 
7. Not allowed to wear excessive accessories. 
8. Not allowed to have long nails or use nail polish. 
9. Not allowed to dye your hair. 
10. Prohibited littering and destroying school. 
11. littering prohibited. 
12. Prohibited make a fuss. 
13. Prohibited dating. 
14. illegal to take: 
      a. excessive money 
      b. Objects - precious objects 
      c. card game 
      d. cigarette 
      e. Narcotics and dangerous drugs 
      f. Weapons and dangerous objects 
      g. Media and violent pornography. 
15. Not advisable to bring a communication tool, in the event of loss is the responsibility of each participant. 
16. The All forms of loss that is not caused by the committee is the responsibility of each participant and the         relevant committee to urge participants not to bring personal communication tool.

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